Research Begins

The last week – and this one – sees me hunched over a desk reading up on Modern Fishing Gear of the World (I, II,and III). Publication dates range from 1956 to 1971 – meaning that my wall is now home to a timeline of developments that range not only across two decades, but also across the globe. The articles within are mainly from Europe, especially Germany and Scandinavia (as well as from the other side of the pond, USA and Canada) with contributions from Japan and Turkey.

Part of this week’s to-do list is to find some friendly translators for two articles, in French and Portuguese respectively. The good thing about living in the midst of international students is that someone close by is wiling to translate in return for a few beers. the other part is to formalise an approach to oral history, as well as how to present it academically. Structure is going to be important in figuring this out – and given that I have only properly worked my way through Volume I of World Fishing, this may have to wait until next week.

Safe to say, this is a good start and I am certainly not short if material or interest. Also, Happy Valentines Day to all!


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