I have three core aims in this study; the first is to find out how and why the trawl was put together the way it was, the second is to understand what was happening in Europe that helped or hindered its development and spread, and the third is to explore the role of pelagic trawling in as a part of 20th century industrial maritime heritage – all with as much help from as many living sources as possible!

I am enrolled at the University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands) as a doctoral student in the Faculty of History and Philosophy.

CV photo

You can find my profile on this University page:  http://www.hi.is/sagnfraedi_og_heimspekideild/doktorsnemar

You can contact me at: sylviambates@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. G’day Silvia
    You probably don’t remember me. We have met…years ago. I’m a friend of your Dads. I was a fisherman for many years here in NZ. Now I work in the offshore industry on anchor handling/supply vessels. I was talking to Q this morning on the phone and he sent me your blog site so I will be following it with interest. If there’s anything I can help with like pelagic trawling in NZ just flick me an email.

    1. Thanks, and I do think I vaguely remember you – in Canterbury, I think! No doubt I’ll be calling in all the favours I can to make the best of this project!

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