One Week In Göteborg



It’s been a great week in Göteborg – Eva-Britt has been the most fabulous host, Göteborg is a great town and of course the islands are amazing. not to mention to wealth of information that has been obtained – awaiting translation, of course.

The great lump of amber I am holding is wonderful bit if treasure form Nils Eriksson’s past, one brought up in a net from the bottom of the Baltic. Nils was one of several stops, including visiting Sven-Olof Larsson on the island of Hönö, a very much clear-minded gentleman in his 90’s. Another useful visit (complete with a free book) was with Lennart Bornmalm, who has contributed to several book about the fishing community of Bornhuslan. Last but not least, a visit to Stig-Rune Yngvesson – son of my primary patent applicant, Yngve Bernhardsson. A wealth of information and a handful of documents – prefect and of course a welcome conclusion to a week in Göteborg!

L - R: Stig-Rune Yngvesson, Daniel Börjesson and myself

L – R: Stig-Rune Yngvesson, Daniel Börjesson and myself






Heading to Göteborg

I’m heading of to catch a ferry to Göteborg – I shall be spending a week there with the lovely Eva-Britt Larsson, form the Swedish paper Yrkesfiskarna. We shall be adventuring forth to chat to some fishermen in Göteborg and on the islands nearby – it’s certainly something to look forward to, as I have no doubt that I shall be getting to the real roots of pelagic trawling!